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Everything's babier in Texas! Bigger, we mean bigger...

On this week's episode of Married to Jonas, Kevin and Danielle Jonas may leave New Jersey for a visit to the family compound in Dallas, but the baby talk trails closely behind.

What started as a fun vacay quickly spirals into a lot of awkward conversations. Like when Kevin Jonas is forced to confront his mother, Denise Jonas, about her criticisms of Dani. Or when Denise accuses Kevin of not spending enough time with his cancer-stricken grandfather, Jerry Jonas. And that time when Dani admits she has to take anti-anxiety medication because being in the spotlight with Kevin makes her nervous.

Yup, just your typical trip to the Lone Star State!


Texas Is…Interesting: But more specifically, seeing the inside of the Jonas estate is what we're referring to. Ya know, because it's not everyday that you see a house filled with animal heads, Jonas Brothers paintings and a skeet shooting range. No biggie.

God Wants a Baby: Or, at least, God wants Kevin and Dani to get knocked up according to the family's spiritual mentor, Bob! Apparently the revelation came after some serious praying, and Bob made sure to relay the message—in front of a room full of people—that the couple should relax, trust God and not feel pressured. Easier said than done!

Pill Popping: Dani admits that feeling anxious isn't just a baby-induced phenomenon—it's something she's been battling for years and is on anti-anxiety medication to alleviate. We have a feeling being in the spotlight with her hubby isn't much help in that department.

Control Freak: We're talking about matriarch Denise, of course, who has a hard time letting go when it comes to her baby boys. Or when it's time to set the table and Dani wants to use paper napkins rather than cloth. Or with anything, really.

Joe Jonas flashes his underwear!


"I have never been to tea. I've played pretend tea."—Dani

"I knew how to be a parent to children—to little boys—but this parenting adults? I'm not good at it."—Denise

"There's nothing better than having a gun in your hands. It just makes you feel all warm inside."—Nick Jonas

"I feel like I can never do enough for everyone."—Kevin

"I'm not going to judge Dani for using paper napkins."—Denise

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Awww! Dani and Kevin's cutest twitpics!

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