A few nights in a VIP suite in the trendiest of Las Vegas hotels? Thousands of dollars. A few minutes of video showing Prince Harry romping naked in that VIP suite?

You got it—priceless.

Video footage featuring the rowdy royal in the buff—let alone engaging in sexual activity—could fetch millions, according to Vivid Entertainment founder Steven Hirsch, who has both fielded more than a few offers to buy amateur movies featuring, er, big-time talent and offered big bucks to celebs (like Pippa Middleton and, blimey, Prince Harry) to appear in Vivid films.

"I can't think of a single person who wouldn't be interested in checking it out," Hirsch tells E! News. "It would be worth probably more than any other celebrity sex tape that we've seen."

And even if the 27-year-old royal isn't doing the deed on camera, any sort of risqué video of the more rebellious of Prince Charles' two sons would be of value. (For the record, there is no proof that a video exists featuring the gent who's third in line to be king of England either engaging in sexual activity or lacking for clothes in any way. Tis solely a rumor at the moment.)

But though it could veritably be the biggest get of the millennium, that doesn't mean Vivid is willing to shell out seven figures for just anything.

If a tape surfaces, they would definitely want to check it out, Hirsch said, but whether they bid for it would depend on how worthwhile it ultimately is.

"We'd have to take a look at the footage and see what was actually there, how long it was [he means the tape, people], what the quality looked like before we made an ultimate determination," Hirsch explained.

"People are intrigued by him," the Vivid honcho continued. "[Harry] seems like a cool guy. He seems like a guy that everybody can relate to, and I think that everybody would want to see that footage."

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