Get ready for a little shakeup.

From now on, Bachelor Pad contestants will have to compete as couples, which meant heartbroken Rachel had to get over Michael's elimination and focus on her new man, Nick

Especially when it came to tonight's toughest challenge yet—a spelling bee.

But this wasn't any ordinary spelling bee. Like we said, everyone must compete as a couple now, which meant for this challenge, each duo had to spell their designated word by alternating letters. Yeah, not so easy.

Blakeley and new partner Tony were the first couple out with the word "elimination." How fitting, right?

It came down to Ed and Jaclyn against Sarah and Chris. And after continuous tie, the couple that literally everyone in the house wanted out, got the roses from the challenge by correctly spelling "serendipity."

Kudos, Sarah and Chris.

The winning couple got an overnight date at a Barn Hoedown (it was nicer than it sounds), which definitely fueled some chemistry between the two. But Chris admitted that he's not fully over Bachelorette Emily Maynard just yet. Maybe Sarah can help in that department. 

Runner-up duo Ed and Jaclyn also got an overnight date at the Channel Islands. Although Ed already made it clear that he has no romantic feelings for his partner, he felt it was necessary to bring the topic up again, and shared with Jaclyn that he has been pursuing someone back home for a while—ouch!

Not only that, but Ed said that he and this mystery lady got into a relationship, but (before you get judgmental) broke up before he started the show so he could go into it single. 

Regardless of that conversation, the pair continued acting and doing certain things that they would do behind closed doors. Now you can be judgmental. 

Meanwhile, back at the house, everyone was trying to figure out who to vote off since Chris and Sarah were safe from winning the challenge. This meant that the alliance (which included everyone except Chris and Sarah) had to vote against two of their people.

Rachel was quick to volunteer her and Nick for elimination, but he wasn't ready to give up just yet. Everyone else planned to take out Lindzi and Kalon. So who ultimately went home?

But wait! Jaclyn and Ed each had a rose that they were able to give out. And those went to Blakeley and Tony. So really, that didn't change the game plan at all.

Before the rose ceremony, Rachel decided to make a quick call to Michael (is that even allowed?) and clearly made her new partner feel very unwanted. 

It will be interesting to see how their dynamic plays out, because Rachel and Nick were safe. 

Lindzi and Kalon were sent home, but they didn't go empty handed. The pair confessed their love for one another and left in one limo—awww! 

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