Star Trek Google Doodle

In his 2009 reboot of the Star Trek canon, J.J. Abrams got a lot of things right, and the biggest one might be this: To paraphrase Khan, it is very hot in spaaaace.

As we celebrate the series' 46th anniversary with a Google doodle while greedliy gobbling up whatever rumors, speculation or leaked photos that emerge about the 2013 sequel, we take a photographic look back at the best, uh, bodies of work from all of the Trek series and films.

This gallery is for aliens only, so sorry folks, no Kirk (William Shatner or Chris Pine version), no Picard, no Sisko, no Khan, no Sulu (Oh, my!), no Beverly Crusher. Just beautiful people dressed up as beautiful not-people.

What latex-enhanced hottie did we leave out? Sound off in the comments. Engage!

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