Grey's Anatomy


We are still totally traumatized by last season's shocking Grey's Anatomy finale.

We blame ourselves; we were too emotionally invested. Grey's is known for some pretty shocking catastrophes (read: bombs, buses, ferries), but nothing could prepare us for the sobfest of May 2012.

But the fall TV season is fast approaching and we need a little refresher on where we were and what we know about the upcoming season of Grey's Anatomy. So we'll take one for the team and revisit. 


R.I.P. Little Grey: Time clearly does not heal all wounds, because we are still emotionally devastated over Lexie's (Chyler Leigh) death. In a freaking plane crash! The sad reality is sweet, nice, smart Lexie Grey with her whole fictional life ahead of her is gone. Sorry, it's still too fresh. We need to call our therapist. 

Gone Baby Gone: A little overshadowed by the tragedy of the season finale was Teddy's (Kim Raver) exit. But she also said "so long" to Seattle Grace in last season's ender. 

Mystery Spot: What's worse than being in a devastating plane crash? Being in said plane crash and no one knows where you are. When last we left our brave doctors, they were settling into a long cold night in the forest. No food, no water and life-threatening injuries? They better start praying for help.


Bon Voyage: Eric Dane recently dropped a shocking bomb and revealed that he was leaving Grey's Anatomy, hanging up Mark Sloan's stethoscope for good. But Grey's creator, Shonda Rhimes has revealed that he'd be back to wrap up his storyline. Mark wasn't doing too well out in the forest, so will he succumb to his injuries and join Lexie in the great white hospital in the sky? Or will the emotional trauma leave him running for the hills?

Paging Dr. Robbins: Rhimes is notoriously cagey about spoilers. But she's being especially cagey when it comes to the status of the perky Peds doc. She did tell us that we can't assume everyone survives in the woods. Rhimes wouldn't take away Arizona (Jessica Capshawand Mark from Callie (Sara Ramirez) in the upcoming season, would she? Would she?

Grey's Anatomy returns to ABC on Thursday, Sept. 27 at 9 p.m.

Are you ready for season nine? Do you think Mark and Arizona can both survive the crash? Sound off in the comments!

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