Superman, Wonder Women

DC Comics

We're not going to get into the mechanics of superhero sex, but let's be honest, Lois Lane was never really a good fit for Superman, right?

In the new issue of DC Comics' Justice League out Wednesday, the Man of Steel has struck up a romance and potential long-term relationship with someone a little more his speed: Wonder Woman. 

Holy hookups, Batman!

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The story of Justice League issue 12, penned by Geoff Johns with art by Jim Lee, finds the power couple engaged in a midair embrace and sharing a passionate kiss, which will no doubt delight the fanboy cognoscenti.

The Amazonian warrior princess had previously flirted with Superman in previous storylines, but the creators tell Entertainment Weekly this affair will have serious ramifications, some even dire, among all the Justice League heroes and villains for years to come.

Guess Wonder Woman's lasso is gonna come in handy.

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