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Tom Williams/Roll Call/Getty Images

Still doubt that George Clooney and President Barack Obama have fast become BFFs?

Well, they play basketball together. They say gushing, aw-shucks things about each other. Oh, yeah: And Clooney raised a record-breaking $12 million for Obama.

But the Syriana Oscar winner isn't stopping there: On Monday, Clooney is set to attend a fundraiser in Switzerland that aims to flood Obama's campaign coffers with even more cash, according to published reports.

George Clooney's Obama fundraiser in L.A. drums up record-breaking $12 million

Guests are expected to shell out big bucks for some face time with the 51-year-old silver fox at the Geneva shindig.

Just how much? Well, it'll cost you $15,000 for a seat, $5,000 for a pic with him and $1,000 for a spot at a pre-dinner reception.

So will this pull in the same big bucks as that $12 million-earning Obama fundraiser which Clooney hosted at his home back in May?

Dial down those expectations a wee bit: Organizers expect the event to rake in $500,000 from about 130 attendees.

The gratitude certainly isn't lost of Obama: During an interview with Entertainment Tonight last week, the president praised Clooney's humanitarian efforts and described the actor as "a good man and a good friend."

Mr. President, may we suggest another way to express your thanks: How about a cameo in an upcoming Clooney film? Now that's a box-office-busting team-up!

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