Pippa Middleton


Nope, this isn't another mystery man. Well, not really, anyway.

Pippa Middleton has her fair share of male companions, and recent photos of the royal in Paris with this tall, dark and handsome fella are nothing to get excited about—as long as nothing has changed since the last time we saw them together.

This guy's face may look familiar, and that's because Pippa was seen with him back in June of 2011, and as usual, people thought there was something romantic going on. But he quickly set the record straight.

"Just a friend," he responded to a photographer when asked about their relationship.

On Sunday, this fine young gentleman picked up Her Royal Hotness from the airport and the two later rented bicycles to ride around the city. Pippa and her pal also stopped at an outdoor cafe where they enjoyed some coffee and shared a croissant.

Good to see this relationship (whatever type it may be) is still going strong.

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