Dexter: Most Shocking OMG Moments

From wedding bells to big bads, take a look at the most dramatic scenes from the Showtime hit

By Christina Dowling Oct 05, 2012 7:30 PMTags
Dexter, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer CarpenterRandy Tepper/Showtime

We still remember exactly where we were when Dexter discovered Rita's (Julie Benz) body in the bathtub. OK, that's easy. Obviously we were on the edge of our couch with our eyes glued to the television. (And maybe sobbing our eyes out.)

In six seasons, Dexter has seriously surprised us. But is the best yet to come? Dexter is finally back with all-new episodes, so it's time to revisit some of the most dramatic moments of the show's history, including last season's sibling confession! 

Was Dexter (Michael C. Hall) killing his brother the biggest OMG moment? Did you ever think our dear Dex would get married and have a baby? Did we include your favorite shocking moment? Sound off in the comments!