Prince Harry


I can't believe that more celebrities haven't been photographed partying naked. Are you saying that Miley Cyrus really parties with her clothes on?
—Mrs. M, Oregon, via the inbox

I cannot say for certain what Miley Cyrus wears when she goes to parties, private or otherwise, other than a very funky short blond haircut and a fiance named Liam. Something tells me that if there were naked pics of Miley out there, she'd be the first to Tweet them.

But suppose that's not the case. Suppose there are plenty of stars who party naked on a regular basis, and nary a photo ever survives. That's a much more likely scenario, at least, in the United States. And I found out why.

Unlike poor Harry, who very likely had no idea about how partying works in Vegas, most American celebs are too savvy to find themselves in a scandal like his. Why? Because they're trained on avoiding just such scandals.

Really. Literally. They get trained. And that training includes how not to get photographed naked at a party.

"I know for a fact that a lot of PR firms and managers will coach their clients: ‘Here's what you do, here's what you don't ever do'"—like, say, let a strange girl with a cell phone near you while you're naked, crisis PR expert Cherie Kerr tells me.

"They're given a rulebook of things they can and cannot do," Kerr explains. "By the time they're done, they'd have to be super drunk or super stupid to let anything like that happen to their image."

So what specifically might a celeb be told? Well, to confiscate cell phones at private parties, or to limit those parties to close friends or employees they completely trust. (When in doubt: Have the people at the party been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements? Then the clothes stay on.)

Maybe the princes royal do not get such training. But I bet that'll change soon enough.

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