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It's prom night on Married to Jonas and we're all invited! Yay!

Well, kinda, it's Katie Deleasa's prom, and the whole family is having their say on what she'll wear, who her date will be and what she'll be do afterwards. Because, ya know, sometimes people have sex after a night of ruffles and dancing to slow songs.

Only problem? In the Deleasa fam, the only way you're going all the way is if you put a ring on it. Which means Katie is about to get a lot of sex talks from her sisters, Bucky Deleasa, and even brother-in-law Kevin Jonas. Good luck with that, Katie!


No Prom, No Problem: While most of us were dress shopping, fretting over dates, and getting embarrassed by our parents on that big night back in high school, Kevin missed his prom entirely! You see, he was busy being part of the Jonas Brothers and touring with Avril Lavigne, natch. Luckily, his wife Danielle Jonas knows how to spoil her hubby, and she throws him a prom he'll never forget. Think streamers, a bow tie, balloons and more. After all, who doesn't want to forget the joys of a corsage and stuffy tux, right?

Better Late Than Never: Dani is perpetually late. Not just on Sundays, when it's time to meet her family for church, but always. Can you guess why? Like any girl with a closet full of designer goodies, she has a hard time picking what to wear.

Bucky Loves Baked Goods: You know that saying about loving something like a fat kid loves cake? Well, Bucky may be that fat kid incarnate, as we see the patriarch of the Deleasa clan having a hard time controlling himself when it comes to all things frosted. Another thing we learned? Carrot cake is healthy for you, at least according to Bucky.


"I wonder how hard it would be to join the mile high club in this thing."—Kevin

"Bucky could have a Ph.D in pastry."—Kevin

"I know it sounds crazy, but balloons scare the crap out of me."—Dani

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"No matter how much you think you're a tough guy, or whatever you wanna be, when you see them in a prom dress it's too much to handle."—Bucky

"I wanted to give Kevin a prom because he missed out on his own, and I just feel like everyone needs a prom."—Dani

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