Empire State Building, Shooting

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Tragedy struck New York City this morning with the news that a women's-accessories designer allegedly shot and killed the vice president of the company that laid him off.

Police killed the suspect, who has now been identified as Jeffrey Johnson; at least nine others were wounded today in the chaotic scene near the Empire State Building.

Celebs have taken to Twitter to express their support for the people of NYC, with some calling for stricter gun-control laws in the wake of the tragedy:

Piers Morgan "Empire State shooting terrible, but 19 people were shot in Chicago last night, 13 in 30 minutes. Someone has got to stop this gun madness."

Kim Kardashian "Sending my prayers to everyone involved with the Empire State Building shooting! This violence has got to stop!!!"...Also 19 people shot in Chicago last night! 13 people in 30mins! Time to really rethink gun laws! This is just insane!!!"

Anna Kendrick "awful awful awful. What's going on in the world?? Be safe New York."

Jim Carrey "No semi auto guns!Every 2 wks now, another mass shooting.AMERICA allowing this behavior is beneath us!Revise the second ammendment. ;^\ ...GUNS GOTTA GO! ;^\"

Kris Jenner: "My Prayers going out to the families of the victims of The Empire State Building shooting..so so sad....."

Nicki Minaj "Sorry to hear about this New York shooting. Sending love to the families & friends of the victims."

Khloe Kardashian-Odom: "Prayers and love being sent to the victims of the Empire State Building shooting. The violence has got to stop. #MakeAChange"

Rihanna "My prayers go out to the victims of the shooting at the Empire State Building and their loved ones! #howmanymore"

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