Inside Bill and Giuliana Rancic's "Official Baby Watch 2012"—Watch Now!

Couple are awaiting the birth of their first child in Denver and are enjoying the fresh air of Colorado in the meantime

By Natalie Finn, Brandi Fowler Aug 25, 2012 2:14 AMTags
Watch: Giuliana and Bill Report from Baby Watch

Call us biased, but could Bill and Giuliana Rancic be any cuter?

The expectant parents have officially kicked off "Baby Watch 2012" from Colorado, where they recently touched down to await the birth of their first child via gestational carrier, which will take place in nearby Denver.

But before the little bundle of joy gets here, Giuliana and Bill are enjoying the fresh air and poking fun at each other—and they've let us in on the joke with some exclusive videos!

"So we are hiking," Bill narrates as his wife walks ahead. "I woke up this morning and I said, 'Giuliana, let's go for a nice, long hike and enjoy nature...Welcome to my world," he cracks, the camera panning down to Giuliana's chunky-heeled ankle booties. "This is what she wears hiking."

"I thought we were taking a walk!" the Fashion Police cohost protests. "I didn't realize it was a hike."

"Good times," Bill says, smiling.

The rest of their hike/walk went just fine, perhaps fueled by the baby-watch breakfast Bill wolfed down beforehand.

"Wow!" Giuliana exclaims, panning down to her hubby's massive plate of pancakes. "That's a whole lotta pancake, honey."

Giuliana and Bill reveal they're having a boy!

Watch: Giuliana and Bill on Baby Watch

The Rancics are staying in an expansive pad that includes a breathtaking view of mountains, an upstairs living area, a patio (which Giuliana showed off with her video cam), and one famous neighbor. 

"We got a great gift from Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn for our son," Bill said. "This is a little snowboard/ski suit for him to wear." 

"She's staying next door to us, so she was nice enough to sign that for us," Giuliana continued.

We can't wait to see their little one in it!