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Oh, life beyond Twilight.

It's something all those Breaking Dawn actors seriously hope for, and something every Twi-hard seriously dreads.

Bella Swan herself Kristen Stewart might be in the wake of a massive cheating scandal, but costar Ashley Greene is embracing nightmares and adding scream queen to her post-Twi résumé with the horror flick, The Apparition, in theaters Friday.

Greene plays one half of a young couple (along with costar Sebastian Stan) who is haunted by a supernatural virus that was accidentally conjured and released during a college experiment. The apparition torments the couple no matter where they turn, as the supernatural force feeds off of their fear. The scary film also stars Tom Felton and Julianna Guill.

So, before you go see the vampy Ashley fight the Volturi in November, give the gal a chance to make you scream.

After all, it's not easy to find your post-Twi niche on the silver screen (looking at you, Taylor Lautner).

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