If there's one thing a mother wants, it's to see her children happy.

And no doubt Kris Jenner's gotten a major fill of that these days!

Aside from welcoming the newest addition to the Kardashian Klan, adorable baby Penelope Scotland Disick, Kris has watched jet-setting daughter Kim Kardashian become blissfully smitten with beau Kanye West, as the inseparable duo zips from Paris to Miami.

E! News caught up with the tireless Kardashian matriarch to chat about Kimye, and it looks like she's as over the moon as her daughter.

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"I've never seen Kim this happy," Kris gushed. "She's calm, she's happy, she's content in her life right now. I think she's working hard, she loves what she's doing, she's passionate about her projects, and she's loving life right now."

Indeed! Just yesterday, Kim tweeted that she'll be heading to Kuwait this November.

So does Kris think that Kanye is The One?

"I think there's always a chance when you're dating someone that they could be the one," she says.

But should the two be headed down the aisle, Kris has some choice advice about—gulp—entertaining the idea of a TV wedding.

"My advice as a manager would be get out of town as fast as you can and go to a secret location," she says candidly. "But you know, I might have a different opinion tomorrow. You just never know."

Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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