Ryan Lochte

Tropicana Vegas

Sure, Ryan Lochte could potentially wind up looking for love on The Bachelor.

But when it comes to a lunch date, well, the Olympic hottie didn't have to look much further than Twitter.

"Today is the day I find out who I'm taking to lunch from my 1 million followers," the gold medalist tweeted on Monday. "It's a random pick out of my followers."

Not surprising, several of Lochte's fans expressed their desire to be selected.

"I know it's random but it would literally mean the entire world to me if you picked me," wrote one young lady named Hannah, while Elise typed: "I'd die and go to heaven!!!"

But alas, neither saw their dream come true.

"The winner of our Twitterdraw is: @getinADRIwidit [Adriana Rosas]," Lochte revealed during the wee hours of the night.

We're guessing Adriana hasn't been able to sleep since.

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