Kristen Wiig

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Are you ready to paaar-ty?

Funnygal Kristen Wiig turns 39 today, and we can't think of a better way to celebrate than rounding up all her closest friends—like fellow comedian Maya Rudolph and boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti—for a night out on the town.

Oh, Penelope and Gilly must be there, too.

Aside from teaching us the value of friendship and belting out Wilson Phillips' "Hold On" while starring in Bridesmaids (and scoring a Best Original Screenplay Oscar nom for it, to boot), Wiig was the go-to lady when it came to laughs every Saturday night.

Unfortunately, her time on Saturday Night Live came to an end, and like Andy Samberg said, her exit was a "huge loss."

So for Kristen's birthday, let's remember all the good times, wish the her the best on all future projects—sorry, a Bridesmaids sequel isn't one of them—and hope that her birthday is full of love and humor, just like her.

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