Mimi's back and she's teamed up with some of hip-hop's biggest names in the game right now.

Singing diva Mariah Carey's latest video "Triumphiant (Get 'Em)" featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill was released today, and she was not shy about showing off those postbaby curves.

Besides her voice being on point and hitting those über-high notes that only artists like Mariah can (and pairing it with her raising-hand gestures), Carey made sure to let us know that her comeback isn't only in the music world, but physically, too.

She takes on numerous roles in the video—from a ring girl to a singing announcer to a crowd member watching the boxing match—but regardless of which gold wardrobe she decided to strut, Mariah's lookin' good.

Check out the video and tell us what you think!

Mariah Carey always had the greatest outfits

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