Fall TV Split

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We're not math wizards, but we believe that so far we've only counted 20 reasons why we can't wait for Fall TV. That means that we still have--hold on, let us get a calculator…30 reasons left! Counting is fun.

Today, we're talking about smoking hot fireman (in both the literal and attractive sense), the return of an old Friend, and Bristol Palin lacing up her glittery lycra for more Dancing With the Stars drama. Check out reasons 30 through 21:

30. Robert Buckley in Hipster Glasses: We've adored Robert Buckley since the very moment we laid eyes on his torso talent, so when he joined ABC's new series 666 Park, we were intrigued. When we found out he'd be a creeper in nerd goggles, we were both intrigued and amused. Color us ready for the Buckster.

29. Sunday Night Football: And Monday Night Football. And Thursday Night Football. Basically any night of the week that has NFL games counts as a favorite evening for us. That's right, we not only obsess over TV worlds that don't exist in real life, but we obsess over our fantasy football leagues. We are indeed ready for some football.

28. The Gripping and Deep Storylines of Chicago Fire: Ha! Just kidding! Hot men in firefighter uniforms. Sure, there probably will be interesting storylines on NBC's new drama, but let's not pretend its on this list for any other reason than Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney lookin' fiiine.

27. NCIS Gang Back to Solving Crimes: When it comes to procedurals, CBS knows how to do it right. Not only do we still love the original NCIS (and the chemistry between the team), but LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell's bromance on NCIS: L.A. gives us double the crime-solving fun on a weekly basis.

26. Sparkly Drama on Dancing With the Stars: The first-ever Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars has plenty of people who will surely butt heads on and off the dance floor. Britsol Palin is coming back after all, and she's already stirring the pot. Sure, we want to focus on the dancing, but we also can't wait for the drama that goes down on the journey to mirror-ball glory.

25. Matthew Perry Back on TV: We will always, always be excited when anyone from the cast of Friends makes their way back to television, and we have a special place in our heart for our dear Chandler Bing. NBC's Go On, starring the awesome Matthew Perry, is a great vehicle for our old Friend. Here's hoping this one lasts longer than the last (R.I.P. Mr. Sunshine).

24. Bones and Booth Getting Married: Dear Bones writers: Just marry this adorable crime-solving duo, already! They have a baby and we're over the will they-won't they. That's all we have to say about that.

23. Kat Dennings and Her Boobs: The real star of 2 Broke Girls? Kat Dennings' cleavage. We kid, of course. The banter and friendship between Max and Caroline (Beth Behrs) is why we tune in, but don't try to tell us you haven't marveled at Dennings' impressive attributes at least once during the first season.

22. Dawson's Creek Reunion on Don't Trust the B----: We don't wanna wait…for our lives to go on without James Van Der Beek and Busy Phillips reuniting on the small screen. And it's totally happening, and based on what we witnessed during our set visit, it'll be everything you hoped for and more.

21. Two Words: Cloris Leachman: Raising Hope is one of our favorite underrated comedies, so not only should you be watching just for the fact that it's a good comedy, but Cloris Leachman is inappropriately hilarious as Maw Maw. Her ability to make viewers cringe is uncanny, and we look forward to those moments every week.

We're counting down the reasons we can't wait for Fall TV all week! Stay tune for more!

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