Guess Me From the Front: Which Super Diva Is Keeping Things Casual?

Can you guess the singer-actress who was spotted on the set of The Butler looking less diva and more housewife?

By Leslie Gornstein Aug 21, 2012 8:13 PMTags
Guess Me From the

You may not recognize this pop star without her trademarks—namely her long, flowing hair and cleavage, which is usually as high and tight as the gal's signature vocal range.

In this shot our mystery woman is practically undercover in a simple maxi-dress as she makes her way to the set of her latest movie project.

Some more hints: the movie is a sweeping historic drama and does not include a shot of the singer's overexposed twin babies—at least, not yet. Give her a day or two to work on her director, Lee Daniels.

Can you guess who this singer-actress is?

It's Mariah Carey!

The newly minted American Idol judge is co-starring in The Butler, a flick based on the real life of a helpmeet who served eight American presidents. Mimi doesn't play a first lady, but she'll always be our fave diva from the '90s, no matter what she wears.