Opening Act, Boot Camp, Tanner

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On last night's episode of Opening Act, the Artist Development Team was tasked with finding a performer to open up for Brad Paisley.

After scouring the Internet, they landed on Tanner Patrick—a singer who wasn't exactly country but seemed to have a lot of raw talent. Only problem? Tanner's diabetes diagnosis stopped his career in its tracks before, and he's afraid the same thing will happen when he tries to open for Brad.

Not to worry, Tanner, we know what will solve that! How about a visit from Jonas Brothers star, Nick Jonas?! The pop singer knows first hand what it's like to live with diabetes, and he gives Tanner advice and the motivation to handle his diagnosis.

After his experience onstage with Brad, Tanner says, "Performing a country set in front of a country crowd felt right. It really did."

Want more Opening Act? Tune in next Monday at 9/8c to find out who will be plucked from Internet obscurity to open for rapper Nicki Minaj!

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