Was Chris Bukowski just flat-out screwed?

The 25-year-old Bachelorette reject head into tonight's Bachelor Pad with a massive target on his back, a week after failing to get Blakely Jones out of the house and therefore realizing that he didn't have as many bromantic allies as he thought.

Blakely sticking around also meant that the remaining roommates would be getting an earful about what a d-bag Chris was for—what do you know—partnering with her and then dropping her, first for the since-ousted Jamie Otis and then for Sarah Newlon.

Better yet for everyone but Sarah and Chris, Blakely and new admirer Tony Pieper (he thinks she's the "hottest girl in the house by far," so good for her) won the teacup-carrying race and ended up with immunity and an overnight date for two.

"Thank you, Hooters!" exclaimed Blakely, who is, yes, a former Hooters waitress, after she managed to carry six stacked cups and saucers across the yard.

"She's been a Hooters girl for 25 years. Of course she would win," Chris scoffed afterward.

Knowing Tony was headed on a date with her, Blakely opted to give an immunity rose to Kalon McMahon, who had no problem telling Chris he was voting for Blakely last week but then voted for Jamie instead.

Kalon, no surprise here, took Lindzi Cox out on a date (aw, he kinda loves her), and then Tony gave an immunity rose to Jaclyn Swartz—cold comfort after Jaclyn's partner, Ed Swiderski, informed the whole group that he wasn't romantically interested in anybody this season and didn't plan to be.

But then...the twist!

The gang's marching orders tonight were to all cast votes for a woman, who would then get to pick the male contestant of her choice to leave with her.

Bachelor Pad veteran Michael Stagliano, most famous for getting his heart stomped on by ex-fiancée Holly Durst last season, masterminded a plan to get wild card Erica Rose voted off but make her think that Chris was behind it so that she'd take him down with her.

Well, Erica most definitely was voted off—but she took Michael with her after Chris filled her in on what was going down, thereby nipping his burgeoning relationship with Rachel Truehart in the bud, as well.

"The smartest thing Holly ever did was dumping you and marrying Blake...and I'm so happy I'm taking you away with me," Erica fired at Michael, whom she deemed the "master manipulator."

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