Spoiler Chat: Scoop on Glee, How I Met Your Mother, New Girl and More!

Breakups galore at McKinley? Are Barney and Robin still married in the future? Get the latest on your fave shows

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Who doesn't love a good flashforward to show us a couple's future?

That's one of How I Met Your Mother's favorite plot devices, designed to both excite and trick fans, and there is a juicy jump ahead coming up on the show that should give us an insightful glimpse at a couple's status down the line. Plus, why is Glee such a bummer in the first part of the new season? All that, plus New Girl, Hart of Dixie, Teen Wolf and more in today's Spoiler Chat…

Clint in Schererville, Ind: How I Met Your Mother scoop, please! Any more flashforwards coming up?
Yes, sir! But you're probably hoping for flashforwards to the happily wedded future between Barney and Robin, right?Just us? Anyway, these flashforwards are sort of like that. In the fourth episode of HIMYM's new season we will flashforward to an older version of Lily and Marshall's son Marvin! Three separate times, actually. And we'll be seeing how Ted, Barney and Robin influence his life, so maybe we will see how happily married those two are! Fingers crossed.

Terra: New Girl!
Mitt Romney is coming to New Girl! Just kidding. Mitt Romney's son is the one coming to New Girl! That's also a joke. We'll stop now. But there will be a situation in which a group of girls are after Schmidt, under the impression that he is Mitt Romney's son. Oh, Schmidty…you are just full of shenanigans!

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Elisha in Charleston, N.C.: I need some scoop on Zoe and George on Hart of Dixie.
You mean you're not a Zoe-Wade shipper? Hey, we don't judge or discriminate in Spoiler Chat. Unfortunately, it seems like Zoe will have to fight through aparade of women if she wants to end up with George. Just in one episode, the Halloween episode actually (titled "Walkin' After Midnight"), George will be courted by three ladies, and not one of them is Zoe. He will however take a genuine interest in one of them. Oh, and someone else is after Wade in that episode, in case you were a closeted Zoe-Wade shipper, too.

Hannah in San Jose, Calif.: Can you give me Glee scoop that doesn't involve heartbreak?
That is a tall order, given that the first part of Glee's fourth season is all about heartbreak. And no one can escape the tidal wave o' angst, as we are calling it from this moment on. Couples will be crying, friends will be fighting, and dreams will be dashed. On the plus side, we think we have someone's role on Glee figured out. Harry Shum Jr. told us recently that he'll be stepping into a mentor-ish role come season four. "I'll be popping in and seeing how the new McKinley High kids are doing," he says. Perhaps he'll stick around long enough to show the new New Direction-ers how to bust a move?

Jacqui: Something I never thought I'd say: Peter Hale has become my favorite character on Teen Wolf! What's he going to be up to in season three?
You aren't the only one loving Peter's funnier side. "Ian Bohen loved it. It's fun when you can bring a character back like that. From mass murdered in season one and people love him now!" executive producer Jeff Davis says. As for Peter's role in season three, Jeff teases, "His intentions I would say are pretty murky at the moment. You'll definitely know more in season three. He's going to become a bigger presence than he's been." More Peter Hale?! Wheeee!

Samson: Where are the CSI: NY spoilers?!
Please accept our deepest of apologies. And we're making it up to you in three, two, one: in the fourth episode of the season, CSI: NY will dive into the world of politics with an episode revolving around a senator who gets shot when a gunman opens fire during a campaign event. However, it soon becomes apparent that maybe the senator wasn't the intended target after all.  Sounds like a job for our favorite crime scene investigation team, eh?


Miranda R.: Love the Dawson's Creek reunion happening with Busy Phillips on Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23! Scoop on that, please…
Well, Busy Phillips is playing a heightened version of herself, and she was sure to tell us when we visited the set that the things she says on the show is not the real Busy Phillips. We observed a scene where James Van Der Beek (as James Van Der Beek, natch) was trying to convince her to do a Dawson's Creek reunion and it was not going well at all. So would the real Busy Phillips do a real Dawson's Creek reunion? "Reunion shows historically are terrible ideas," she tells us. "When has a reunion ever worked out well for anyone ever? When have fans been satisfied? When has the cast been satisfied? It just doesn't seem to work, right? Maybe what people really want is watching us hanging out together walking in slow motion in front of a creek. We could do that." Sold.

Gabriella: Pretty Little Liars finale scoop, please!
One of the show's favorite couples will be experiencing a pretty big first in the mid-season finale next Tuesday. Oh, you want to know which couple? Alright, fine: it's Spencer and Toby! But is it a happy episode for Spoby? That remains to be seen…

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