Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

Summit Entertainment

Twi-hards are taking a bite out of Twitter in droves!

Twilight's official Twitter feed, @Twilight, became the microblogging site's first official movie page to zip past 1 million followers, Summit Entertainment announced Monday.

The Twitter benchmark comes amid concerns that Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal could put a damper on buzz for Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

So much for that: On the contrary, fans seem to continue throwing their support behind the saga, which has so far drummed up $2.5 billion in grosses worldwide as it heads into its final installment, which hits theaters on Nov. 16.

That's good news for Summit, which had to contend with news that both Stewart and her estranged beau, Robert Pattinson, have pulled out of a slew of major Twilight conventions over the next few months.

Still, a million Twitter followers ain't a shabby deal. And natch, Twilight's cast took to—where else?!— Twittter to thank their Twi-hards.

"Best fans ever!" wrote Kellan Lutz. "Love you Team Emmett fans. Thanks for making this journey in life forever unforgettable. Every Twilight fan is 1 in a million! THANK YOU for being an epic & amazing part of @Twilight! #Twihards4EVER!"

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"Thanx for all the support @Twilight #Twihards4ever and congrats on reaching 1 million followers," raved Booboo Stewart.

"YES! @Twilight has reached 1 million fans!!!" gushed Toni Trucks. "You guys are officially the best! Keep the luv going beep #Twihards4EVER."

"Still can't believe @Twilight has reached 1 million fans!!!" wrote Erik Odom. "Have you seen the thank you video to you?" (Yep, Summit even put together a scream-tastic video for fans.)

"Thanks to you million Tweeters for your undying support & passion for @Twilight! #Twihards4EVER!" tweeted Chaske Spencer.

"@Twilight has reached over 1,000,000 followers!" wrote MyAnna Buring. "I salute your incredible dedication- you are amazing! #Twihards4EVER."

Aw. They're practically sparkling.

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