Lea Michele

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Hit that note! Strike that pose! Flash those choppers!

When it comes to show business, nobody channels old school showgirl desperation like Lea Michele. For her, it's like life is one big callback for A Chorus Line, and she's that perky girl in the waiting room, ready to show that producer her, ummm, time step. Somebody please remind her that she already has a hit show, and designers like Armani dying to dress her.

Speaking of—that frilly, perfectly fitted plunger that the Glee star wore to the 2012 Do Something Awards this past weekend? Armani. The simple, sexy, strappy sandals? Jenni Kayne. Handbag? Fendi. And the diamonds, for there must be diamonds, came via Samira 13.

It all adds up to "leading lady" for us—one singular sensation.

What do you think of Lea's ruffled and tiered ivory look?

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