Megan Fox


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Here's a photo of Megan Fox wearing a Roberto Cavalli floral dress.

The thing about these mirror-image dresses is that they often have two flowers so close together that they look like a set of eyes.

Now, combine those eyes with a baby bump and you essentially get a dress that's self aware and looking at you. Right now. With the occult high-fashion stare of the damned.

We would say some nice stuff about the rest of Megan's look—like, her hair is awesome. We like the shade of her nail polish. We admire the actress' ability to walk in 7-inch wedges while balancing a to go cup and saying something witty enough to make her entourage giggle.

But we can't stop staring at the unblinking bump with the secret agenda. It's freaking us out. What does it want? What does it want? Tell us in the comments below.

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