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Joe Giudice has a foul mouth, but does it get worse than that?

A bleeped preview of this week's episode had the blogosphere freaking out over Juicy Joe's cheatin' ways. But now that we've watched tonight's show, it doesn't seem like such a clear cut case.

Here's what went down: During Caroline Manzo's fiftieth birthday celebration in wine country, Joe leaves the dinner table to take a call from "work."

"Hey, what are you doing? Oh, don't even tell me that. [Chuckles.]
We're actually celebrating Caroline's 50th birthday up here.
Hold on, here she comes. My b---h wife. She's such a c--t.
But anyway. I'm going to hang up. I'm gonna talk to you like, whatever."

Joe then tells Teresa that he's talking to a worker who doesn't understand English. Yeah, it looks bad. Joe's a insensitive jerk for ranting against his wife and also an idiot for not realizing he was miked when he took the call. But is he a cheater?

Caroline and her crystal ball always love to comment: " I'm not going to go into Teresa's marriage," says the Manzo mama. (Really? When has she not speculated on the sorry state of affairs at Casa Giudice?!) "But to be very honest with you, I feel bad for her."


Richie Wakile also made some revealing observations. Early in tonight's Real Housewives episode, Teresa said Joe got cranky if he didn't have hanky panky at least once a day. But then she unsuccessfully tried to seduce him in the vineyard.

"All I kept hearing was, 'C'mon we can do it in here, I'll put my legs up,'" says Richie. "And I'm wondering to myself, 'This guy doesn't even want you in the bedroom, what makes you think he's going to want to do you on gravel?'"

But then Richie has never been Teresa's biggest fan. Especially since he feels like she's deliberately snubbing Kathy. "My wife is making all these efforts to try and make things better and Teresa, she gets nastier and nastier."

Did you feel like Teresa owed Kathy and Richie a shout out in her dinner speech? What do you think Joe's up to? Were you just as jealous of Caroline's birthday surroundings as we were? And how did Melissa Gorga get away with calling Teresa a "media whore" when she jokingly offered to release her sex tape without setting off a weave-pulling showdown?

Sound off on all things Jersey in the comments section below!

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