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Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans know it's not a normal day in Calabasas if Kris Jenner isn't up to something!

This time the momager has her eye on the great beyond, as in where she'll wind up if anything should happen. In an effort to plan ahead, Kris plans a family outing to the cemetery, tries out caskets and decides what floral arrangements she'd like post-mortem, natch.

The whole situation has Khloé Kardashian Odom and Kim Kardashian thinking about where Mason would land in the unlikely event of Kourtney or Scott's death, which leads to some uncomfortable questions, even more awkward answers and ultimate decision making.


Replace, Replace, Replace: When Kim and Khloé decide to gift Mason with pet fish, the new pets turn into the bane of Kourtney's existence. Because, in an effort to avoid talking about death, Kourtney is forced to buy identical pet fish each time one of the goldfish floats to the top. Luckily, it doesn't last for long, as Grandpa Bruce Jenner persuades Kourt to teach Mason about death with a friendly kids book. Oh boy, we don't want to be there for that bedtime story!

One Track Mind: When Kris puts her mind to something, she is fully committed. Case in point: Picking out her final resting place, which is not just a onetime thought, but turns into an all out mission to secure spots not only for her and Bruce, but the entire Kardashian, Jenner and Odom families.

Legal Guardian: When Kourtney reveals that Mason's legal guardian is Khloé, it opens a can of emotional worms for Kim. The aunt feels slighted and hurt as to why she wouldn't be trusted to take care of Mason. But, in the end, Kourtney puts Kim in charge of Mason's finances—which is the perf fit for this business savvy Kardashian.

New Tattoos: In order to convince his mom to start living in the moment, Rob invites her to drink her favorite wine with her closest friends overlooking a stunning view. While the sun sets he also reveals the latest inked addition to his arm: a tattoo of Kris' face! Now, that's how you know that deep down Rob's a momma's boy.


"I'm not a pet person, and I really don't want pets until my children are old enough to ask for them themselves."—Kourtney

"Why are they [the fish] eating cereal in there?"—Mason

"Oh, the funeral business, now there's a way you could extort us! Yeah, let's make some commissions on those plots baby."—Khloé

"I wasn't given a Rubik's cube when I was younger because I get very angry, frustrated, and I threw it at things."—Khloé

"I'm into the mausoleum. Go hard or go home."—Kim

"There is life. There is death. Fishies go to heaven."—Bruce

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