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We can't decide whether Lady Gaga should be pouring us tea in the solarium or dusting our foyer, but we do know this—that's a whole lot of cloth for someone who'd rather dress in meat or tar.

The Mother Monster debuted this black and white Moschino...haute maid uniform? Dowager hostess tea party dress? Or maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe a very famous square dancer died and we missed the obituary.

Whatever, the point is that the "Born This Way" singer debuted the get-up in Bucharest, Romania, where she was set to throw a concert that did not, we assume, involve tea or crumpets or feather dusters.

There was also a set of white gloves, a Chanel chain belt, large pair of sunglasses and an even larger fedora because she's Gaga, and people that amazing can't leave their hotels unless every fabulous part of themselves is individually addressed and adorned.

So what do you think of Gaga's latest look: Gotta have it or make it stop?

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When it comes to this Moschino coat dress, do you love or hate it?

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