Britney Spears,  Mars Rover Curiosity

Youtube, Rex Features via AP Images

Well, opposites attract.

Britney Spears has a new BFF, y'all and its name is the Mars Curiosity rover. How else to explain their unexpectedly cute Twitter chat?

Hey, never let it be said that Brit-Brit hasn't contributed to this nation's scientific exploits.

So, what exactly did this meeting of the minds have to talk about in 140-characters or less? Well, while the exploratory rover may have gone where no man has gone before when it landed on the red planet earlier this month, a certain red pleather jumpsuit-clad woman had indeed already trodden on the planet's surface.

Or at least, a facsimile thereof in her now more than decade-old music video, "Oops...I Did It Again."

"So @MarsCuriosity...does Mars look the same as it did in 2000?" Spears tweeted on Tuesday, linking to her music video.

She didn't have to wait light-years for the response.

"Hey Brit Brit," came the rover's reply. "Mars is still looking good. Maybe someday an astronaut will bring me a gift, too. Drill bits crossed ;)"

Well, sheesh. First we spied the mohawked NASA hottie, now we find out the rover's got a sense of humor? The space program never looked so good.

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