Eva Longoria


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Lately we've seen a slew of skyscraper shoes on our celebrities.

Maybe these folks are trying to spot the paparazzi before the paparazzi can spot them, or maybe they want heels that can double as chopsticks whenever they head over to Nobu. Whatever the reason, the average height of those shoes had been about six inches.

Until Eva Longoria came along.

Behold the pint-sized, 5-foot-2-inch stunner in a pair of seven-inch snakeskin platforms by Olcay Gulsen. Before you run out and try them on (best have $1,100 handy) know this: the shoes are part of a costume—Longoria was shooting a scene in Los Angeles for a new endeavor called Project Imaginat10n when this photo was shot.

The point? Stumbling around on a set is one thing, but foraging around the streets of Los Angeles or navigating stairs without a production assistant? That's another kettle of snakes altogether.

Our advice to you rabid fashionistas? File these ankle-straps under the same category belonging to Alexander McQueen's deadly armadillo pumps: Better admired than worn.

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