Dexter, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter

Randy Tepper/Showtime

We've seen Dexter (Michael C. Hall) get out of plenty of tight jams before, but nothing can prepare him for his season-seven challenge: Facing off against the greatest threat to his freedom, his sister.

The complicated sibling relationship will only get, well, more complicated in the Showtime drama's seventh season. When last we left them, Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) had walked in on Dexter in his element—a body on his kill table.

And while Deb certainly loves her adopted brother (Ewww!), can she overlook the whole serial killer thing? And can he let his beloved sister live with this dangerous secret? Check out the new promo for Dexter's seventh season:

Showtime boss talks about Dexter's future on the network

Well that's one way to shake up a series. Dexter's deep, dark secret has been exposed before, but more often than not the enlightened party ends up in pieces in the Miami harbor. Will Deb be sleeping with the fishes?

Plus, dear old Dex has some other danger knocking at his door, namely creepy lab tech Louis (Josh Cooke). And LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez), who still can't quite believe her dear friend Sgt. Doakes was the Bay Harbor Butcher. Seems like all the loose ends will get tied up (pardon the pun) before the likely series end in season eight.

Will Dexter have to eliminate this big risk? How long will it take Deb to piece together the relationship between Dex and former fiancé, the Ice Truck Killer? Will LaGuerta learn the truth about Doakes? Looking forward to the new season? Sound off in the comments!

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