Miley Cyrus, Ellen DeGeneres


You know what they say. Imitation is the sincerest form of hilarity flattery.

Ellen DeGeneres proved as much yesterday, when she pulled a Miley Cyrus in every sense of the word and not only embraced the starlet's sudden predilection to jump on the GPOY bandwagon, but mimicked it to pretty funny results.

As it happens, Ellen's hair isn't a million miles away from Miley's new style anyway, but that still didn't stop her from Photoshopping Cyrus' new headline-grabbing mop onto her own head.

"I love @MileyCyrus' new haircut so much that I copied it," Ellen tweeted by way of explanation, along with the photo of herself rocking Miley's 'do.

As it happens, the talk host had plenty of shots to choose from for her foray into Photoshop. The future Mrs. Liam Hemsworth has been on something of a mission this week to both send out as many pictures as possible of her new platinum pixie cut and defend her decision to go under the shears.

"Short hair don't currrr," she tweeted earlier this week. If that's true, she might be the only one who doesn't.

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