Amanda Bynes


It's a good thing Miley Cyrus cut her hair when she did—it may have saved her from more people thinking this photograph was of her, rather than of Amanda Bynes.

Fresh from another reported bumper-car experience in her black BMW, the 26-year-old Bynes was spotted with a new platinum-blond 'do today as she ran errands in the San Fernando Valley.

Maybe it was the short-shorts, the perky cleavage parked atop the willowy frame or the somewhat quizzical expression partly masked by sunglasses, but Bynes was having a bit of a blond-Miley moment.

According to an eyewitness, the What I Like About You star hit up Starbucks for a hibiscus iced tea, went to CVS pharmacy and, once she was back on the road, at one point pulled over to chat on her phone.

Now that's the sort of conscientious driving we like to see!

We would say that Bynes was out and about, business as usual...except for that hair. Hasn't anyone told her that the best way to show off newly dyed locks isn't to bunch 'em up, mop-style, and go?

Just ask Miley.

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