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On last night's episode of Opening Act, we met Joy Island!

This electro-dance-pop group includes Johnny Barbas, Briana Summers and Josh Bissell, whose main goal is to get the party—any party, really—started!

Lucky for them, that's just what party rockers LMFAO are looking for!

So, the band and their beat up van, start on the journey from Massachusetts to L.A., making sure to make stops in party spots like Las Vegas whenever possible, natch.

Only problem with partying hard? Waking up. And as Joy Island finds out, getting to appointments on time is one of Nigel Lythgoe's biggest pet peeves. While the band is late to meet Nigel, they nail a performance of their song, "Wish You Were Here," and even Nigel admits, "I was really ready to be pissed with Joy Island, but when they play their music I want to party with them."

While they've momentarily won over Nigel, the band has a harder time with vocal coach Nick Cooper, who feels that their lazy and unprofessional behavior is a waste of his time.

Antonina Armato tends to agree with Nick, after the band comes for a studio sesh and it's all but too clear that Bri has no drive when it comes to her role as band DJ.

"I'm the freaking cute ass girl in the band," Bri tells world-famous DJ Samantha Ronson. "Like, I want to be in front of the stage."

"You're faking it," Samantha responds.

It's a tough critique, and when Nigel accuses Joy Island of lacking talent, things finally start to sink in and the band steps up their game.

A plane ride to Orlando later and Joy Island is set to open for LMFAO and their 20 thousand plus crowd. Luckily, the group pulls it together and gets through their opener set without a hitch.

Ready for more Opening Act? Tune in to an all new episode next Monday at 9/8 c and see who opens for country superstar Brad Paisley!

See our gallery of Joy Island at boot camp!

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