Miley Cyrus Twit Pic

Draco Malfoy Miley Cyrus mania has officially ensued.

And whether you think the gal's new 'do is totally fab or a hideous mistake, Miley is entirely unwilling to let any of the backlash bring her down.

In case you had any doubt, may we direct you to her Twitter account—which has been buzzing with Twitpics, words of wisdom and endless self-love ever since Miley began the countdown to the edgy new cut.

Either way, it's clear the "Can't Be Tamed" singer is unwilling to tame her personal Twitpic loving 'tude and we're hardly complaining about the infinite Instagrams popping up on our feed.

Our only beef with the paparazzi-hatin' babe?

She's posted nearly a dozen photos since debuting the 'do (we're sure there's more to come), yet she hid her face when spotted out with fiancé Liam Hemsworth the day after the big chop.  

We're itching for a photo of Miley and Liam (and her brand new hair) all out and about with their adorable pups!

After all, only Miley Cyrus can work such a wickedly cool cut—just check out the never-ending pics she has to prove it.

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