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Remember shopping for prom dresses? Remember how you'd try on 40 different colors and drive your mother to drink, only to settle on a safe black dress that ended up looking exactly like the one worn by that frenemy who stole your boyfriend sophomore year?

That girl was total a slut, by the way, and she's fat now. Don't ever forget that.

Anyway, we unearthed that dress. Looks like Jessica Chastain has a prom to attend.

What blows our mind the most isn't the '80s-era pouf on the skirt, or the sash that looks like a repurposed fan belt. It isn't even the shoes, which, we admit, are kinda killer.

It's that the dress is by Yves Saint Laurent, a house we love and which, usually, does not cater to teenagers whose biggest fantasy is to stick their heads out of the sunroof in the back of a limo. Chastain is a classy broad—why she chose this particular YSL for a screening of her latest film, Lawless, is beyond our reckoning.

One piece of praise, however: that Tom Binns Swarovski crystal cuff bracelet? Genius. More of that, please.

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