Lindsay Lohan may be teaming up with Lady Gaga for an upcoming music video (scandalous!) but might she be putting out some tunes of her own soon? E! News caught up with the Liz & Dick star at's album wrap party to see if the duo had collaborated on any sure-to-be Top 40 hits.

"I'm not. He didn't ask me," LiLo told us with her signature throaty laugh when asked whether she appears on the album. "Explain that."

"She was filming," will quickly retorted.

"I was filming and I had other things to handle," Lindsay let him off the hook (cough cough, what other things, L.L.?!) "So maybe the next one. Maybe he'll do my next one."

But we might not even have to wait that long for what we hope will be, "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) Part 2."

"Or after this listening party, I'll find out what we're missing and then we'll record a song tomorrow," will suggested, with Lindsay cutting in: "And then we'll add s--t to it, yes!"

Check the video to see the duo discuss the album #willpower and watch Lindsay mention, maybe, oh, only 50 times that she just arrived from The Canyons set. We get it, girl, you're working. Mazel, mazel.

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