Charlie Sheen

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Well, that wasn't very long.

Pretty much a month to the day after Charlie Sheen appeared to say bye-bye forever to Twitter, it looks like the actor has returned to the social media site.

Lindsay Lohan set for Scary Movie 5 with Charlie Sheen

Kinda, sorta.

After all, as of Tuesday morning, Sheen has only tweeted once. (OK, technically, twice, but with the exact same message.)

"It's on! My pop guest stars Thursday on Anger Management. Watch my dad show up as my dad 9:30p on FX. Best yet!!" he wrote along with a link to a photo of him and his father, Martin Sheen, sharing a laugh on set.

Sure, it may have just been promotional, but knowing Sheen, there's bound to me more interesting stuff where that came from, right?

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