Debbie Rowe, Katherine Jackson

AP Phto/Aaron Lambert, Pool; Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

Debbie Rowe is giving her two cents on the custody agreement between Tito and Katherine Jackson, and it appears she approves of the arrangement the pair has in place for Michael Jackson's children.

In a declaration filed Thursday in the guardianship case, Rowe, the biological mother of Michael Joseph Jackson and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, said she does "not object to the relief sought by Tito Joe Jackson and by Katherine Jackson."

But that doesn't mean she won't be keeping a watchful eye on the guardianship dynamic from afar.

Michael Jackson's ex-wife went on to state that she will "continue to monitor the situation to ensure the best interests of her children are met" and would "seek court intervention" if the arrangement between Tito and Katherine became "untenable, unstable or unsafe or in any way contrary to the best interest of the children." 

A hearing will be held on the Jackson children's guardianship on Aug. 22.

The Life of Michael Jackson

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