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So, this dress...

Here's what happened: Two years ago, Donatella Versace woke up one morning, ascended her spiral staircase made entirely out of male models, stood at the top of her fortress trimmed in python skin and white gold, and announced, "Today I shall make a garment that looks like a street map in Tron!"

Katy Perry, of course, immediately put on that dress for a cover of Cosmopolitan.

Cut to August 2012 and local folk are still feeling the ripple effects of that fateful day. In fact, an aftershock recently made its way to Fergie's place.

Mrs. Josh Duhamel recently struck a deal with accessories company Case-Mate, and this week she blasted out this photo from the set of a shoot she's doing with the brand. The aqua shoes are from her own line and the nails are by...Ursula the Sea Witch? Not sure. We'll get back to you on that one.

"Got to rock a vintage Official Versace dress," the singer posted on her Fergie Footwear Facebook page.

Well, no, if that dress were made between 1920 and 1960, Ms. Ferguson would be correct. Maybe the look is retro, but again, probably not.

Either way, if we had to choose which celebrity wore this frock better, we vote for Katy—when you're wearing something navigable by flying car, less is more in the accessories department.

What do you think about this Versace dress? Cast your vote below!

The Fashion Police August 10 Poll
When it comes to this 2010 Versace metallic dress, which singer wore it best?
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