Funnyman John Witherspoon Humorously Confirms Twitter Death Hoax Is Just That

Veteran actor has a little fun after "RIP John Witherspoon" becomes a hot trending topic

By Peter Gicas Aug 10, 2012 2:55 PMTags
John WitherspoonROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Friday star John Witherspoon certainly had an eventful Thursday.

The veteran comedian quickly became quite the topic on Twitter after "RIP John Witherspoon" began trending.

Fortunately, the 70-year-old funnyman is very much alive and kicking—with his sense of humor still intact.

"What the Hell y'all talking bout on Here?!??" Witherspoon initially tweeted after the rumor had started. "I ain't "DEAD" I'm in Ft Lauderdale at the Hard Rock Cafe Gettin dat Paper."

But Witherspoon didn't just leave it at that and decided to use all the attention to his advantage.

"Hey but since I'm #Trending y'all better follow me and spread the word that "I AIN'T DEAD," he later wrote, adding: "Hey since ya'll care about me so much go check out my Cooking show on YouTube."

Later, as things began to, er, die down, Witherspoon signed off for the evening.

"Well I guess I ain't #Trending anymore but that was interesting, thanks to everybody who showed that they care bout me, now Im going to bed," he tweeted.