McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed

The London Olympics have gone totally meme.

And from McKayla Maroney's infamous sour face to Aliya Mustafina's signature stare, we just haven't been able to get enough.

Check out the top five memes that made us cheer during the Olympics.

1. McKayla Maroney: The U.S. gymnast gave a classic scowl after she finished in second place in the Olympic women's vault competition, generating a myriad of memes and a Tumblr site called "McKayla is not impressed," which shows Maroney making that same face by the Mars rover, the Great Wall of get the picture.

London Mayor, Boris Johnson


2. Ryan Lochte: Sure, he managed to beat Michael Phelps in their first race of the Olympics, but does that make him immune to the dreaded meme? Of course not. The medal-winning swimmer has generated all types of meme-tastic fodder with his unforgettable expressions like the flirty "Hey Girl" and the dopey-looking "Derp."

3. Mayor Boris Johnson: The London mayor made headlines after he got stuck on a zipline and the memes started rolling in fast and furious (and, um, hilarious). Mayor Johnson was quickly seen dangling in front of the likes of a shark's mouth, a Mars bar, hovering over Will and Kate's wedding day, from Usain Bolt's fingertips and more, thanks to the Wordpress site "dangleboris."

Prince Harry

Courtesy of: Chris Jackson

4. Usain Bolt: After Bolt took home the gold in the 200 meter and struck a pose, "Bolting" took over the meme world, with the Jamaican athlete hitting the stance in photos everywhere from the San Francisco Bridge to London. And it's way more than just a meme thing. Celebrities have joined in on the "bolting" craze also, with stars like Prince Harry and Katie Couric getting snapped posing like the sprinter.

5. Aliya Mustafina: This Russian gymnast is fierce—and she knows just how to show it (whether on or off the beam) with one seriously steely stare. There are memes of the athlete floating all around the internet, but Buzzfeed's tribute to Mustafina's expression could be one of the best. 

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