Oscar Pistorius, Lebron James

Cspa/CSPA/Cal Sport Media/ZUMAPRESS.com; ANDREW YATES/AFP/GettyImages

As the Olympics wind down this weekend, Oscar Pistorius and USA basketball's Dream Team will be back in competition mode, battling it out in their respective sports to take home the gold. 

Pistorius, known as "The Blade Runner" will be back in action Friday, with South Africa's double-amputee track and field star running the 4x400 with his squad in the final Friday night.

Pistorius' Olympic run almost came to an end Thursday after his teammate suffered an injury in a collision with another runner during the 4x400 relay.

The team failed to finish the relay, but a jury of appeal decided to allow them to compete in Friday's final in spite of the snafu.

Meanwhile, the Dream Team will square off again with Argentina Friday—the third time the two teams have matched up in the past three weeks.

"We know those guys," Argentina guard Manu Ginobili told AOL Sporting News. "We are not intimidated when we play against them."

If those sound like fighting words, you may not be imagining things.

In the last Argentine-American game Monday, Carmelo Anthony took a shot to the groin from Argentine point guard Facundo Campazzo. 

And while the U.S. squad appears to be keeping cool about the situation, according to the site, things could get interesting when the two teams meet again in the next game.

"It's somewhat of a rivalry," Team USA point guard Chris Paul told the site. "I definitely think so. This will be our third time playing them in the last two or three weeks. We've got to get out to a good start. They are going to have their crowd behind them, and we've got to come out and impose our will."

We can't wait to see how it plays out.

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