Justin Bieber, Movie Star? "If I Have Anything to Do With it," Says Mark Wahlberg

Exclusive! Get the scoop on the singer's transition from music to the big screen

By Brett Malec Aug 10, 2012 1:30 PMTags
Justin Bieber, Mark WahlbergJason Merritt/Getty Images; Courtesy: Denise Truscello/WireImage

Justin Bieber is getting closer to making his big-time transition from music phenom to movie superstar.

The Biebs' pal Mark Wahlberg gave us an update on the script for the upcoming basketball flick that he the 18-year-old "Boyfriend" singer have been working on.

"We got a first draft," Wahlberg told us while promoting Marked, his new sports nutrition line for GNC. "They did an edit on the script and got to make some changes and do a little bit of rewrite and polish but I've been in contact with [Justin's] managers and the studio a lot. We just want to make it great and we're getting there."

The flick will star Bieber as a basketball player. "I think of Paul Newman and Tom Cruise in The Color of Money but in the world of inner city basketball," Wahlberg dished.

Paul Newman and Tom Cruise? Those are some big shoes for the Biebs to fill!

"I just think personally we have a great idea," Wahlberg said. "He's a great athlete...he's focused and he wants to have success in the movie world and acting as well. He's focused and patient about finding the right particular part, working with the right people and I think he'd do a great job. I think we have good chemistry and like I said he's right for this particular part and it's an idea we've had for a while."

So can we expect to see Bieber on the big screen by next year? "Possibly, if I have anything to do with it," Wahlberg said.

And for the record, Wahlberg isn't the only Bieber fan in his family. "My sons are [fans] and my youngest daughter is, but my oldest daughter is not a fan," the 41-year-old Fighter star said, adding, "I think it's when Selena Gomez came into the picture."