Justin Bieber


Wonder if a Justin Bieber picture is really worth all this.

Paul Raef, the paparazzo charged with reckless driving after allegedly chasing the pop star down L.A.'s 101 freeway July 6, is fighting all four misdemeanor charges against him, his attorney said in court Thursday.

Raef's lawyer David Kestenbaum told E! News he plans on fighting all aspects of the charges. Raef was charged with both standard misdemeanors related to his driving and also with the enhanced anti-paparazzi law that carries additional penaities. Kestenbaum said he asked for his client's arraignment to be continued until Aug. 24 to give him time to look into challenging the new anti-pap law established in 2010.

"It's going to be an interesting First Amendment issue," Kestenbaum said. "We are probably going to have a legal challenge to the new law."

Kestenbaum added, "This is going to be the first time it will be challenged. It targets a special group of people which is another constitutional issue."

Van Nuys Commissioner Rebecca Omens ordered Raef to turn himself in for booking before the next hearing. Kestenbaum said his client was not arrested at the scene as was previously reported.

For the standard charge of reckless driving Raef is facing 90 days in jail and $1,000 fine. But under the enhanced law Raef is facing six months in jail and $2,500 fine.

"No need to enhance penalties just when celebrities are being chased," Kestenbaum told E! News

Kestenbaum said he plans on investigating and talking to all witnesses. The prosecution will likely interview Bieber about what transpired, said Kestenbaum. But if they don't subpoena Bieber, Kestenbaum said he will do it himself.

Guess that's just life in the fast lane!

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