Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan Teaming for New Music Video

Liz & Dick starlet is collaborating with her pop star pal

By John Boone, Kathleen Rhames Aug 08, 2012 7:23 PMTags
Lady Gaga, Lindsay LohanJamie McCarthy/Getty Images; David Crotty/ USA

For Lindsay Lohan, when it rains it pours. While that can involve drama, courthouse visits and an endless string of headlines, this time LiLo is caught in a downpour! All together now: It's raining roles, hallelujah!

Not only does she have Liz & Dick set to debut on Lifetime (in which, of course, she's channeling the late Elizabeth Taylor), the oh-so-controversial Canyons (in which she plays opposite porn star James Deen) and Scary Movie 5 with Charlie Sheen, but she's returning to the world of music.

No, we're not getting the long-awaited sequel to "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)"—though we're still waiting, Linds—but Lohan has booked a part in Lady Gaga's next music video. Not too shabby for the perennial comeback queen, eh?

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"She will be in Gaga's video. They've become good friends, they talk and text all the time," a source tells E! News about the collaboration. "Gaga really likes Lindsay and Lindsay is really happy to be able to be part of it—she has a genuine respect and admiration for Gaga and her music."

Lindsay and Gaga caused an internet uproar when they began casually tweeting each other, revealing that they'd begun hanging out at the infamous Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood. Hashtag odd couple!

Gaga later debuted some of the duo's self-snapped photographs on her website, where they're seen posing with photographer Ellen von Unwerth. Perhaps Ellen might join the pop culture pair in the upcoming video? If so, it's sure to be sexy!

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There is no timetable for when shooting on the video will begin, E! News has learned, but that there will indeed be "a job" for Lindsay when Gaga shoots a video for her first single off her next album, ARTPOP.

As for how exactly these two became instant BFFs?

 "All roads lead back to the Chateau," our source joked.