Tom Daley

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Now here's a dose of Tom Daley we'd gladly enjoy daily.

Forget that rave-inspired love story that made its way into the Olympics opening ceremony. If Danny Boyle really wanted us to be thankful for the advent of the Internet (Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who knew?), then all he had to do was play this video for the stadium full of spectators.

Why? Because it's got all the essential elements of a viral sensation: England diving stud Daley, a nearly naked Team GB, sunsets, beaches, cut-away swim trunks and Speedos (oh my) and general inappropriate gyrations into the sand—all wrapped up around a catchy tune.

That's right, Team GB has seen the U.S. swim team's viral "Call Me Maybe" video and raised them a steamfest of a video of their own.

As it happens, the video was made by the British squad back in February when the team was deep into training for the Olympics.

Well, not that deep in training, perhaps.

But the clip, in which the skin-baring, ridiculously fit divers sing and dance (and, um, thrust) to LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It" resurfaced again this week on a global scale for, well, rather obvious reasons.

You're welcome.

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