Olympic Rings Tattoos, Ryan Lochte



With an insanely hot body and quirky, unwitting charm, Ryan Lochte almost seems made for reality TV. And luckily for us, the handsome Olympic swimmer might just be headed to the small screen.

"I cannot tell you the exact shows, but two different reality show concepts have been offered and one additional is being discussed," Lochte's agent told the Hollywood Reporter.

Ryan has also been asked by Will Ferrell to star in a FunnyOrDie video shot in London before he returns to the States. And he's expressed interest in competing on Dancing With the Stars.

The 28-year-old gold medalist even told E! News over the weekend he thinks "acting would be fun."

"I think I would be good at it," he mused.

Big screen, small screen, we'll watch the Lochtenator wherever he is. Bonus ratings for gratuitous shirtless scenes!

—Additional reporting by Melanie Bromley

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