Liberty Ross, Rupert Sanders


It appears that Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross are at least speaking to each other now.

The Snow White and the Huntsman director and his model wife were seen today outside a Beverly Hills, Calif., deli together, the first time they've been spotted in each other's company since news that the filmmaker had a fling with Kristen Stewart made a Titanic-sized splash on the Internet.

Ross' wedding-ring finger was again bare, as it was yesterday when she was photographed leaving an office building in Los Angeles.

Liberty Ross


Her husband of seven years, however, is still wearing his wedding band.

Whether Ross and Sanders amicably broke bread at Judi's Deli on Bedford Drive is still in question. TMZ reports that the two met at a nearby office building (no one's using the L-word—lawyer—yet), so it's unclear if they just happened to be seen in front of an eatery.

"Liberty and Rupert have not decided if they are going to stay together or not," a family source told E! News last week. "It's too early to say what they're going to do. They have lot of stuff to sort out. No decisions have been made

As for the other vertex of the unfortunate little triangle, eye witnesses have reported seeing Kristen Stewart working out with a trainer at a Gold's Gym in Venice, Calif., several times over the past week—but another source has insisted that the Twilight star has not been there since before being bogged down by scandal.

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